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BiH: Russian Embassy in BiH Confirms It Will Not Recognize Christian Schmidt as New High Representative

The Russian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed its previous position that the mandate of Christian Schmidt, who serves as High Representative in BiH, is “illegal” because “the principle of consensus was not respected when proposing his candidacy, nor was there approval of the UN Security Council ”.

The embassies of Russia and China, however, issued diplomatic notes, rejecting Schmidt’s appointment.

The Russian Embassy said Monday that “the Chinese Embassy in BiH’s note on the rejection of Schmidt’s legitimacy as the new High Representative in BiH represents China’s principled stance, based on international law, the supporting structure of which is the United Nations.” .

The embassy commented on the criticism it has faced for its stance on Schmidt’s service, saying many do not understand the rules and activities of the Peace Implementation Council, the international community organization that appoints the High Representative.

“A number of documents – the General Framework Agreement for Peace in BiH, UN Security Council resolutions, the documents of the Peace Implementation Council (PIC) and its Governing Board and, finally, the established practice – “provide for a procedure for the election of a High Representative,” the embassy posted on Facebook.

The Embassy argues that the PIC Steering Board has appointed the High Representative exclusively by consensus and that the UN Security Council will confirm the appointment.

“It is precisely this procedure that our Western partners have always insisted on. And it is clear why. Each time, they had to obtain the approval of the UN Security Council in order for the High Representative to use his full arsenal of powers. “As for the consensus, we recall that this procedure was also followed in relation to (former High Representative) Paddy Ashdown, whose candidacy Moscow initially did not agree with,” the Embassy said.

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