Slovenia banned most of the plastic products used

The Slovenian government decided to ban the sale of disposable plastic products, with only a few exceptions. The relevant regulation, adopted at Wednesday’s correspondence session, also provides for the labeling of some single-use plastic items and their packaging to raise awareness about recycling.

Products that will be banned under the regulation include plastic cutlery, plates and straw as well as ear swabs, in addition to those used as medical equipment. Plastic sticks and balloon sticks are also prohibited with the exception of those intended for industrial use and not for customers.

The regulation, by transferring an EU regulation, also prohibits the packaging of expanded polystyrene food and beverages and articles made of oxo-degradable plastic.

“The regulation also sets out the requirements for the labeling of certain disposable plastic products and their packaging. The regulations issue an implementing regulation of the European Commission on labeling rules. By being labeled on such products, consumers are informed of appropriate waste management options or waste disposal methods to be avoided in accordance with the waste hierarchy and the presence of plastic in the product and the subsequent negative impact of waste. , or other inappropriate methods of disposing of the waste product in the environment Sanitary pads, tampons and tampon applicators, moisturizing wipes for personal care and home use, tobacco products with filters and filters marketed for use in combination with tobacco and beverage pots should thirst ketohen, ”explained the Ministry of Ecology in the press release.

The ban shall enter into force fifteen days after the publication of the regulation in the Official Gazette. Penalties for non-compliance will range up to 15,000 euros for legal entities, up to 5,000 euros for individual owners and up to 3,000 euros for the executive or responsible owner.

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