Romania: Orban was officially nominated for President of the PNL

According to Romanian media, the current president of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Ludovic Orban, who is running for a new term in the party leadership, has officially presented his candidacy for the presidency of the party.

In his political program, Ludovic Orban confirms that for him it is not a matter of “personal battle”, but a struggle for principles and values.

He said he was convinced he had the “skills, energy, strength and commitment” to continue leading the PNL in “new political victories” in Romania’s interest.

In addition, it promises PNL voters to increase government performance, ensure cohesion of the ruling coalition, implement accelerated decentralization, and give more decision-making power and more financial resources to local authorities.

Digi 24 describes Ludovic Orban’s political program as a “conservative movement” aimed at affirming, promoting and defending the fundamental values ​​of the PNL and the “modern Romanian nation”, namely individual rights and freedoms, the family, the Christian faith and the nation./ ibna

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