Montenegro: The tourist season is much better than last year

This tourist season is incomparably better than last year, said the president of the Association of Tourist Agencies of Montenegro, Orhan Hodžić, in the morning program of TV Montenegro. He believes that the Montenegrin national airline has become operational in a short time and has followed the serious tourist season in the right way.

Hodhii tha said that it is debatable whether this season should have been prepared and maintained in this way, because the health condition of the population and tourists is endangered due to the epidemiological situation.

“It is good that the borders are open, especially for the countries of the region, we have a large number of tourists from Serbia, BiH; Albanians are coming. “The region is concentrated in Montenegro and there has been a big boom, but how ready we are for that – is a big question, because there are large columns and crowds,” said Hodzic.

He says the question remains whether the post-season will take place, which depends on the epidemiological situation in the country and the region.

Hodhii tha said that Montenegro gave accurate prices for hotel accommodation this year, even though everything else was expensive.

Speaking about the work of the new airline, he said that Montenegro established Air Montenegro in just four months, and the company became operational during that period.

“With one aircraft owned and one leased, Air Montenegro followed the serious tourist season in their realistic possibilities and framework. “Slovenians are still not able to start a new company after the bankruptcy of Adria Airways,” Hodžić recalled.

He said that the entire tourism economy and citizens should give maximum support to the management of Air Montenegro because their fight was extraordinary.

“They did good results, reconnecting Podgorica and Tivat with some destinations with which they were not connected. “For flights between Podgorica and Belgrade, and Tivat and Belgrade, which were expensive on Air Serbia, Air Montenegro managed to balance them and offer the right prices,” Hodžić said.

Thanks to Air Montenegro, he said, Montenegrin travel agencies were also given the opportunity to work.

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