Bulgaria: Immigration pressure on Bulgaria-Turkey border increases

An increase in immigration pressures is recorded by the Border Police – Elhovo, on the border with Turkey. According to police, between 100 and 200 people try to enter Bulgaria every day and are not allowed to enter. They are mainly from Afghanistan and less from Syria, Iraq and other countries. The forecast is for a significant increase in their number.

On Thursday, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev visited the Kapitan Andreevo border station on the border with Turkey and the Joint Tripartite Contact Center for Police and Customs Co-operation, located at the border station and established under an agreement between Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.

He was then briefed on the ground on measures taken to address intensified migratory pressures. The President visited the Bulgarian-Turkish border by land and air.

“Immigrant pressure is mounting and that is why the Taliban are regaining control of Afghanistan. The risk to us inevitably increases. “We also need to work with the EU to make a more serious commitment to Frontex and to draw up an EU operational plan in the event of increasing migratory pressures at the EU’s external borders, namely Bulgaria and “Greece, and, of course, an ongoing dialogue with Turkey.” tha Radev.

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