Romania: His past burns Prime Minister

Prime Minister Florin Ciu said on Saturday he had no plans to resign following reports of his conviction 20 years ago in the United States for driving under the influence of alcohol. Reiterating his “regret for this incident”, the head of government stressed the difference between the US and Romanian legal systems, condemning it as a “violation of US law”. He reiterated that all legal procedures required for his appointment as Prime Minister had been followed. In addition, Mr. Ciţu insisted on the need for reform, stressing that after the previous elections, the National Liberal Party would be led by “a man who worked in the private sector, in the EIB, who did his job and was never disappointed to run a public office ”.

Adevarul newspaper in an article titled “Prime Minister walks in minefield because of his past” notes that heavy PNL artillery, such as the mayor of Cluj, Emil Boc, the president of the local PNL organization in Suceava, Gheorghe Flutur or the president of the local PNL organization in Prahova, Iulian Dumitrescu, was “restrained”, preferring not to take a stand on the incident. The paper wonders if, in the end, President Klaus Iohannis will be the “savior” of Florin Ciţu, whose position begins to be shaken after coming into conflict with Ludovic Orban’s team, but also with USR-PLUS “and then with” controversial events of the past ”.

“The Case of Florin Ciu’s Second Debt in the US,” Mediafax reports that in July 2008, six years after he left the United States, the head of government was sued in an Iowa court for $ 1 debt. 6,698.73. In this regard, Florin Cîţu denied the existence of a civil lawsuit, without being able to explain whether it was a “financial matter” or an outstanding loan: “I have no explanation. I really do not know what it is. “In 2008, I was already in Romania.”ibna

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