Bulgaria: The first exploration order was fruitless

The investigative mandate for the formation of a government by the “There is such a people” party with Plamen Nikolov as a candidate for Prime Minister proved fruitless.

Despite attempts to form a government, after a repeated vote in Parliament, MPs decided that the investigation mandate to form a government had failed.

This decision paves the way for the continuation of the Constitutional Process with the President of the Republic Rumen Radev assigning the exploratory mandate to the second party and if necessary to the third party. However, the GERB-SDS coalition has already stated that it will not use the exploratory mandate given to it by the President of the Republic.

“Certainly a third term will be given, because this is provided for in the Constitution, but the” There is such a people “party will not support any government that will be proposed,” said ITN MP Filip Stanev, speaking on name of party. “When that time comes, then we will decide whether to leave parliament during the vote for a third term,” he said.ibna

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