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BiH: General Savcic is not in Serbia

Serbian authorities have said that General Milomir Savcic, for whom an international arrest warrant has been issued, is not in Serbia and that there is no information that he crossed the border at any crossing.

Due to different interpretations of events in recent days regarding the detention of Savçičnd, the Court of BiH issued a statement stating that “on 9 August 2021 the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina issued a decision ending the detention the measures previously imposed on the accused Milomir Savčić, while approving the Motion filed by the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina to order the accused to be detained for non-compliance with the detention measures.

The notice reads that during the previous course of the proceedings, according to the Motion filed by the BiH Prosecutor’s Office, according to the Court Decision, in addition to the detention measure violated, the following detention measure was also imposed on the accused Milomir Savçii:: detention ban and travel ban. The movement of the accused is restricted in the territory of the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the seizure of all travel documents, or passports, of the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as travel documents of Serbia and IDs, as well as banning the issuance of new passports and the use of identity cards to cross the state border. All of the above measures were still in force at the time the detention hearing was being held under the Motion filed by the BiH Prosecutor’s Office on 9 August 2021.

The BiH Prosecutor’s Office filed a motion with the Court to order detention on remand for fear that it would destroy, conceal, alter or falsify evidence or data relevant to criminal proceedings, and the special circumstances indicating that it would obstruct criminal proceedings by interfering with witnesses, assistants or accomplices. The Court reiterates that the BiH Prosecutor’s Office did not compel the Court to order pre-trial detention due to the risk of flight, nor did the Court receive evidence showing such a risk. As a result, the Court did not arrest the accused after the hearing, pending the Court’s decision.

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina reminds the public of its role set out in the BiH Code of Criminal Procedure, namely that the BiH Prosecutor’s Office is the sole body responsible for criminal prosecution and that in the detention decision the Court is obliged from the motion, reasoning and evidence presented by the Prosecution.

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