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Slovenia helps Northern Macedonia fight fires

A unit of 51 Slovenian firefighters and members of the civil defense left for the Berovo area in northern Macedonia. They are expected to stay there for the next six days.

Of these, 43 are firefighters and 9 are members of the Civil Protection, who will ensure that firefighters on the ground perform their duties safely and efficiently. This unit will replace the expedition that has been in Northern Macedonia since August 6th. The second expedition is expected to return to Slovenia on 17 August.

The fire situation in northern Macedonia remains serious. It burns practically in the same place where the first expedition went. The wind continues to change direction and the humidity in the atmosphere remains low, which preserves the conditions for the fire to spread, said Janez Bordon, head of intervention for the second expedition.

The fire is still active, and there is a large recurrence of the fire, which can prevent only a sufficient number of firefighters and other forces that will be able to extinguish the fire. The Slovenian Fire Brigade continues to extinguish the largest fires, where it is most prevalent and threatens villages and the population. Yesterday, firefighters did their job for twenty hours, practically all day, explained Marko Adamič, the operational manager of the second expedition.

Special vehicles for extinguishing fires in the natural environment remain in Northern Macedonia, only the team will change, as it is very long and difficult work, which for the first unit lasts from August 5 for at least 12 hours a day in conditions extremely difficult. So far, there has only been one minor firefighter injury that occurred while repairing the fire truck.

Firefighters work in two teams. “When some are in the fire zone, others can rest in the meantime,” says Adamič, who stressed the need to pay attention to the health and safety of firefighters. Slovenia faced similar fires in 2003 and 2006, except that they occurred in a much smaller area. Such fires are extremely dangerous, as they are unpredictable, so the expedition management should study the behavior of the fire extremely well and plan the area of ​​operation of the fire brigade on this basis.

The firefighters of this expedition come from the region of Northern Primorska, respectively: PGD Cerkno, PGD Tolmin, PGD Col, PGD Selo, PGD Sp. Idrija, PGD Kanal, PGD Dobrovo, PGD Sempeter, PGD Vipava, PGD Dornberk and Obalno-kraške regions, respectively: PGD Postojna, PGD Sežana, PGD Komen, ZGRS Sežana, PGD Knežak, PGD Podgradi, PGD Podgrad, PGD , PGD Izola and GB Koper.

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