Bulgaria: ITN Consultations on Forming Nikolov Government

The President of the Republic, Rumen Radev, ordered the formation of a government in “There is such a people.” Party representatives as they entered the Presidential Palace were greeted by protesters from the National Movement for System Change (NMCS). Upon receiving the order, the representatives announced the ITN proposal for the Prime Minister of Bulgaria. This is Plamen Nikolov, 44, a doctor of Philosophy of Law, Politics and Economics who has studied in Austria and the USA. Nikolov is a businessman with 15 years of experience. He has been the director of an American company for Europe, Asia and Africa and has worked with multinational companies. He speaks English, German and Russian. He has been a member of the 45th and 46th Parliaments.

Following the inauguration ceremony, ITN-appointed Prime Minister Plamen Nikolov outlined the priorities of his mandate, which he intends to lead. “We need to pay attention to the Recovery and Stability Plan and the next wave of coronavirus,” he said.

“We want to start judicial reforms, revise the Electoral Code and recalculate pensions.”

ITN has 7 days to form a government and if they do not receive support from other parties, the mandate will be given to the second party with the most votes in the election, GERB-SDS.

“We will soon announce the responsible professionals with unquestionable ethics, whom we will propose for the positions of ministers in the next government,” ITN Vice President Filip Stanev told Bulgarian Radio. In the second government plan we propose that we have reduced the number of ministries. For those looking for intrigue I recommend you be more practical. We do not want the same pattern as before covered in nice phrases. “We want compensation for the last 12 years of the administration.”

“We will invite representatives of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, Democratic Bulgaria and” Get up! “The Mafia is out” to introduce them to the structure and composition of the government we are planning, “Tosko Yordanov wrote in a press release.

Hristo Ivanov addressed ITN through social media and challenged them to present a detailed program of specific actions they intend to implement against corruption and a clear picture of their action in Parliament so that the administration and decisions do not depend by GERB and MFR.

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