“Almost for Albania” campaign, Rama talks to students educated abroad

On Friday, the Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama held the sixteenth session of talks with another group of applicants of the “Ready for Albania” initiative.

This cycle of online sessions by fields, enables the acquaintance with the stakeholders and the research of the possibilities and forms of cooperation.

A large proportion of applicants have been educated in various countries such as Italy, England, the United States and Turkey, but there are applicants most of them of excellence who have expressed willingness to cooperate in various fields with their work.

In this session, as in the others, they expressed their readiness to cooperate with the Albanians of Kosovo and Northern Macedonia. The main areas where “Ready for Albania” applicants are willing to invest in the country are technology, business, justice, but in this session there were also applicants interested in history and archeology. Meanwhile, applications continue to be received at the mailing address: [email protected]

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