Osmani asks “Macedonian Football Federation” to change its name according to the country’s constitutional name

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Northern Macedonia, Bujar Osmani, had a meeting on Thursday with the President of the “Football Federation of Macedonia (FFM)”, Muamed Sejdini, from whom he requested the change of the name of the Federation, so that she correspond to its constitutional name.

Congratulating the success of the Republic of Northern Macedonia’s debut at this year’s European Championship, Osmani thanked the government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the dignified representation of the country in the international community.

According to a relevant announcement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the main topic of the meeting were the challenges faced by the name of the national football federation and the national football team of the country. Osmani noted the legal obligations for the use of the constitutional name by organizations that represent the country and that in any way receive grants or other funds from the state. The interlocutors agreed to approach this issue with good will and a positive approach, in order to overcome all disagreements and challenges that arise.

On this occasion, Osmani informed Sejdini that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted in a timely manner to UEFA and foreign media for incorrect application of the nationality of the members of the Organization and the national team, emphasizing that UEFA corrected the mistakes in time.

At the recent EURO2020, in which Northern Macedonia also participated, the Football Federation appeared as the “Football Federation of Macedonia (FFM)”, as it has not changed its name so far, which provoked reactions from strong from the Greek side, which noted this action contradicts the provisions of the Prespa Agreement.

A few days ago, Zoran Zaev called on the Football Federation to change its name, as he noted that the country’s constitutional name is the Republic of Northern Macedonia. /ibna

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