Albania: Rama has presented the priorities of his government in the third term

The Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama presented at the Sym Symposium the priorities of his government in the third term, being energy, tourism, agriculture, infrastructure and technology.

“When it comes to energy, we have a very strong base and great potential for the future. I want to emphasize that we rely mainly on renewable energy and our production is based on hydropower, “said Rama. But we are also working on solar and wind energy, we have two large areas for solar energy that will be the largest parks in the Western Balkans, we have come a long way in the process of forecasting the final part, the most important of hydropower plants, practically this will close this circuit because it will serve as a balance of hydropower plants.

In tourism we see a lot of potential, we know that this comes with a lot of risks, we are trying to learn from our mistakes, we are trying to keep development under control by encouraging finding solutions that are elite and not necessarily mass tourism. We will have 4 important ports. Agriculture has seen growth, we want to grow even further, we want to spend over 1 billion exports, in terms of infrastructure we have to build the backbone of the country, which is the blue corridor, this is the missing link in the EU corridor between Croatia, Montenegro and Albania, we will open the public tender, and the fifth is technology, to have a breakthrough to increase as much as possible the environments that help children and young people enter this new world, we decided “English should start from the first grade, we will start this year”, said Rama.

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