Logar starts Europe Readr in Brussels with EP President Sassoli

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Anže Logar inaugurated the main cultural and promotional project of the Presidency of the Slovenian Council of the EU together with David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament and Gitte Zschoch, Director of the National Cultural Institutions of the European Union (EUNIC), in Citizens’ Garden in Brussels.

“The Slovenian presidency is putting culture and creativity high on the European agenda,” Minister Logar said in his opening remarks.

President Sassoli congratulated the Slovenian Presidency on this key initiative which, according to him, places culture at the heart of the European project, which represents a link between the past, present and future. “Literature, culture, arts promote our common European sense of belonging. “Not only do they contribute to the social cohesion of our societies, our democracies and our economies, but they also reflect our diversity, our European values ​​and history, our way of life,” he added of the goals he was very happy to see being shared and promoted by the Slovenian Presidency.

Europe Readr invites readers around the world to appreciate the past and to reflect and discuss the present, as well as to predict the future in which they want to live. “We consider it extremely important to go beyond rhetoric into action, implementing concrete, tangible projects that, in our belief, embody our common EU values,” said Minister Logar, adding that Europe Readr is providing free access to 27 literary works from all EU member states in 24 official languages ​​during the Presidency.

“It is the first time that EUNIC members have joined in a global action together with the Presidency of the EU Council and the EU institutions,” said Director Gitte Zschoch. “Europe Readr creates new public spaces for exchange and debate on common European – and global – values. It also contributes to the New European Bauhaus by linking creativity with sustainability and social inclusion – in Europe and beyond. “

The art installation that will adorn the Citizens’ Garden from July 14th to the end of September 2021 is made of the wood of twelve different indigenous Slovenian trees, thus symbolizing the twelve Reader Europe partners in the EUNIC network. The installation conveys a message of coexistence and acceptance of the cultural diversity of the European Union. His inauguration was followed by a literary event entitled “Writers for the Future of Living” with the participation of authors Axel Lindén from Sweden, Marlen Schachinger from Austria and Jorge Carrión from Spain. Moderated by Julio Baquero-Cruz.

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