Albania: “House arrest” for the former Deputy Minister of Interior

Albania’s Special Anti-Corruption Structure (SPAK) has imposed a “house arrest” measure on former Deputy Interior Minister Rovena Voda.

The prosecutor’s office filed a lawsuit against Voda on charges of “exercising influence over public officials, carried out in collaboration”.

“From the investigative actions carried out for the specific criminal procedure in cooperation with the judicial police of the State Police Directorate, specific evidence has been obtained and collected, from which reasonable suspicions have been created that the citizen Rovena Voda, in her capacity as” Deputy Minister in The Ministry of Interior has received and given unfair financial and material benefits to the citizens Majlinda Hasani and Florida Bey “, it is mentioned in the announcement of SPAK.

According to SPAK, “benefits were given and received in this case, in order for the citizen Rovena Voda to illegally influence other public officials, to unfairly favor the citizen Florida Beu, in order for the latter to be appointed a civil servant in the executive branch “.

Also, the measure of “house arrest”, SPAK has been imposed on the citizens of Florida Beut and Majlinda Hasani, for the criminal offense “Exercising illegal influence on people who perform public functions, performed in collaboration.” ibna

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