Bulgaria: Counted 95.22%, GERB-SDS 23.91%, TSP 23.66%; BSP 13.63%

According to the data of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Bulgaria at 07:30 with 95.22% of the votes counted, this shows that GERB-SDS won 23.91% of the votes, “There is such a People” (TSP) 23, 66%, the Socialist Party of Bulgaria (BSP) 13.63%, the Democratic Bulgaria (DB) 12.55%, the minority party MRF 10.59% and “Get out of the mafia” 5.04%.

Thus, 6 parties re-entered parliament, as in the previous elections on April 4.

622,591 people voted in favor of GERB-SDS, 616,076 for TSP, 354,937 for BSP, for DB 326,732, 275,760 for MRF and 131,371 for the “Stand Up! Out of the Mafia” coalition.

Data from foreign voters show that according to 55.23% of the votes counted at 07:30, “YTL” gets 33.26% of the vote, MRF 19.84%, Democratic Bulgaria 18.50% and GERB-SDS 9 , 24%.

The TSP received 29,014 votes, the MRF 17,304, the Democratic Party 16,140 and the GERB-SDS 8,058.

The Central Election Commission continues to process the election results coming from the polling stations and the final results are expected to be announced on Thursday. The names of the members of parliament for the 46th parliament will be announced on Sunday.

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