Vucic: People will decide on a compromise with Kosovo and Metohija

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said last night that a rational, pragmatic approach is needed to resolve the Kosovo and Metohija issue, as well as a willingness to talk in order to find a compromise solution.

“We need a pragmatic approach, open doors for talks to find a solution, we need to build trust, which takes time, as well as the determination of the international community to support Belgrade and Pristina in various ways in achieving a solution, “Vucic told Euronews Serbia, Tanjug reported.

Asked what the myth of Kosovo is, Vucic said it is a myth – if we do not see that the reality changes every day and that we are not in an ideal position, as we often like to present ourselves, but that, on the other hand, there is a another part of the Kosovo epic, without which we can not do, and that is the value of everything our ancestors did.

Asked if it is a myth that Serbia claims the right to Kosovo and Metohija, that no one else claims that right, Vucic said the solution is somewhere in between.

“The myth is that everything is easy and simple and that we just have to show the world – get out of here, it’s just ours and we don’t have to talk about anything. And this is not easy to relate to reality. But it is also a myth that the Serbian people do not claim any rights to Kosovo and Metohija. “And, somewhere in the middle, a rational solution and compromise must be found,” Vucic said.

“Serbia is ready for a compromise, to talk about a compromise, and the people are the ones who will decide,” Vucic said, referring to the position in the dialogue with Pristina.

Asked what a compromise is, Vucic said that even if he knew it did not mean, because a compromise solution must be reached in a way where both sides make concessions.

Asked to comment on Patriarch Porfirije’s message in Gazimestan that the Kosovo Covenant is the foundation of freedom and the creation of the Serbian nation, and that every visit to Kosovo and Metohija is a return to the homeland, he recalled that not only the former patriarch Irinej , said the same thing in some cases.

“He spoke about spiritual values, the Covenant of Kosovo regarding our state of mind and what we should do in the future. Without going into what he wanted, and I know he is committed to preserving Kosovo and Metohija within Serbia, he wondered if we would be able to provide our children in Kosovo and Metohija with security, salaries and pensions best for all, ”Vucic explained.

He stressed that we must consider that without a compromise solution for the junction of Kosovo and Metohija, one can melt that conflict at some point.

“The merger, while it seems attractive to many to freeze the conflict, leads to catastrophes, riots, conflicts, which no one needs, especially Serbia, which is moving forward faster,” he said.

When quoting a statement from former Kosovo Ambassador to the US Vlora Citaku – who said that time works in Serbia’s favor – he replied that if you look at it from its point of view Serbia is getting stronger, that is true, but that is why stocks are higher.

“You can become stronger when you have more investment, higher international reputation, but you lose it all by interrupting negotiations, with incidents,” Vucic stressed.

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