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Albania and Montenegro sign a co-operation protocol between police forces

The General Director of the State Police, Ardi Veliu and the General Director of the Montenegrin Police, Zoran Brdanin, signed in the city of Shkodra, the protocol “On the cooperation between the Albanian and Montenegrin Police during the 2021 tourist season”.

Veliu and Brdanin stressed that there is an excellent cooperation between the two police forces, extending in several areas: in terms of relations between the two border police, conducting joint checks and patrols, emphasizing that the Muriqan Border Crossing Point is already a reference point for other partners, to perform joint services and controls; in terms of preventing migratory flows; to prevent and crack down on cross-border crimes; exchange of information on persons or groups involved in criminal activities as well as increasing the preventive and offensive force against criminal groups in the field of organized crime.

The two directors agreed on the establishment of joint investigation teams, for the full investigation of cross-border crimes and organized crime, so that they do not simply stand in the context of exchanging information and act separately, but act together with the investigation. . against persons or criminal groups engaged in criminal activities in the field of narcotics trafficking and providing assistance for the illegal crossing of the border for third-country nationals entering Albania illegally, through the border with the Greek state and then trying to cross in one of the EU countries, through Montenegro

At the end of the meeting, Veliu and Brdanin signed the protocol “On cooperation during the tourist season 2021” between the General Directorate of State Police of Albania and the Directorate of Police of Montenegro, for sending State Police employees to Montenegro, during the tourist season, in order to exchange police policies, support in the prevention of criminal events that violate public order and safety, strengthen road safety, as well as the prevention and fight against cross-border criminal offenses, during the tourist season in Montenegro./ ibna

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