Kosovo: Paris did not commit to visa liberalization

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti, after meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace on Wednesday, said that Paris has not promised visa liberalization for Kosovo. Kurti said he discussed with Macron the bilateral relations and the Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue. President Macron called on Pristina and Belgrade to reach a compromise and normalize relations.

“I am calling on Kosovo and Serbia to act at the European level to seek a compromise that will allow Belgrade and Pristina to definitely look to the European future,” Macron said before meeting with Kurti.

Kosovo Prime Minister Kurti said that Kosovo is ready to discuss with Serbia the status of mutual relations, and not the status of Kosovo. Speaking to the public broadcaster of Kosovo – RTK after the meeting with Macron Kurti said that the dialogue should be concluded with mutual recognition. “Kosovo’s independence, state sovereignty, can not be negotiated. “We are ready to discuss with Serbia the status of our relations, and not our status, because this was decided when Kosovo declared independence,” Kurti said.

Kurti said he also discussed visa liberalization with Macron, but has no promise of visa waiver. “I am convinced that they are [France] received our message, but there is no promise of a visa waiver, “Kurti told RTK.

Despite the European Commission confirmation that Kosovo has met all the requirements for visa liberalization, France and the Netherlands remain skeptical by blocking the visa-free regime for Kosovo citizens in the EU Schengen area.

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