The Turkish people do not trust NATO, preferring Russia as Turkey’s main partner

The vast majority of Turks do not trust NATO, according to a recent poll conducted ahead of the bloc’s next meeting in Brussels. The survey was conducted with 2,477 participants between June 7-8 by Areda Survey.

About 90.3% of respondents believe that NATO would not stand by Turkey in the event of a possible dispute, while 51.7% said they believe the bloc exploits Turkey for its own interests.

In response to a question whether they think NATO protects Turkey’s interests, 84.6% said no, while 15.4% said yes.

Meanwhile, 55.7% said they did not trust NATO at all in terms of staying close to it in the event of an invasion of Turkey.

Turkey joined the military alliance of 29 North American and European countries in 1952.

Another poll conducted by Areda Survey between June 1-3 with 2,100 people showed that 78.9% of respondents prefer Russia as Turkey’s main partner in foreign policy and international relations if the alternative option is the US

While 35.5% of participants described the US as “unreliable”, 18.3% labeled the US as “a strategic partner”. On the other hand, 58.2% of participants describe Russia as a “strategic partner”.

Respondents seemed equally divided in the sense that each country was seen as having hostile relations, with 11.4% of participants saying that bilateral relations between Turkey and Russia are “hostile” compared to 12.4% when considering the US.

In the poll, participants also answered “yes” with a rate of 64.1% to the question “Do you think Turkey should cooperate with Russia in developing its foreign policy?”

When asked in the poll, “Do you think Turkey should cooperate with the US while developing its foreign policy?” 73.2% of citizens said “no”.

If you were to choose between the US and Russia in the question “Which country would you like Turkey to develop more relations with?” 78.9% chose Russia.

About 50.2% of study participants were men and 49.8% were women.

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