Slovenia: Huawei plans to establish regional logistics center

Chinese company Huawei on Thursday announced plans to set up a regional logistics center in Slovenia for about 19 Central and South-Eastern European markets. As a result of this move, the flow of its goods through the port of Koper will increase and new storage facilities will have to be built near Ljubljana airport. The multiplier value of the decision is tens of millions of euros.

The expansion of storage spaces near the airport will be carried out in two steps. First, the existing warehouse will be expanded to 4,000 square feet and then to 6,000, Huawei announced.

The company said this meant that its freight flows to 13 EU and six non-EU countries would be redirected to Koper port and Brnik airport near Ljubljana. The value of the investment decision is estimated at around EUR 9 million with potential for further growth.

According to Beata Bogadi, Huawei’s customs compliance manager for Europe, the decision to set up a transit depot for Europe in Slovenia shows “how attractive Slovenia is in terms of logistics”.

“Huawei recognizes the strategic position of Koper port, qualified staff and services in Slovenia. “We put the country on our list of strategic logistics centers,” she said.

Huawei Slovenia CEO Histro Zhang said the plan reaffirmed Huawei’s long-term commitment to the Slovenian market and strengthened Slovenia’s position on Huawei’s strategic map with more than 170 markets where the company is present.

He said Huawei’s Slovenian subsidiary was particularly pleased with the decision, “because it means about 40 new jobs in Slovenia”, which will bring the total number of staff working for Huawei directly and indirectly to over 160.

Huawei already transports about 185,000 cubic meters of cargo from China to Hungary and other European markets through Luka Koper. The new logistics center in Slovenia is to shorten the delivery time of goods to customers in the EU.

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