Greece: General strike over government labor bill

A general strike is taking place today, Thursday, June 10, in Greece against the labor bill that brings about radical changes in 8 working hours, overtime paid and collective action of workers.

Almost all unions are participating in the strike, with unions staging protest rallies across the country.

According to unions, the bill seeks to reduce the level of collective bargaining, with a parallel premium on individual employment contracts, facilitates the dismissal of trade unionists, provides for a reduction in post-dismissal re-employment and paves the way for deferred compensation payments until in 4 months.

In addition, through individual contracts, the elasticity of the employment relationship is strengthened, an attempt is made to remove the 8-hour working time, while in essence a reduction of wages is required as the increased working hours will be paid on leave, while the arbitration regulations are cut and sewn to employer measures, such as, after all, special fink protection.

Labor Minister Kostis Hatzidakis said the government was following the path of common sense, in contrast to the opposition “labor-paternalism” parties, which have chosen the path of dogmatism and sensibility.

Opposition parties, on the other hand, have warned of a return to working-class conditions in the 19th century, the abolition of labor rights secured through labor wars, and warned of escalating mobilizations beginning with Thursday’s strike. /ibna

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