Cyprus: DISY’s Annita Demetriou is the First Speaker of the House of Representatives

Democratic Rally (DISY) MP Annita Demetriou was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives on Thursday and is the first woman to ever hold the post in Cyprus.

Dimitriou collected 25 votes in the second round. She was voted in by DISY, Democratic Front (DIPA) and ELAM MPs, exceeding the 22 votes needed to be elected in the second round of voting.

The election process in the Plenary Session of the House of Representatives for the new President began on Thursday afternoon, after the first session of the new legislature that emerged from the May 30 elections took place.

The second round of voting took place as none of the candidates managed to collect the required number of votes for his election in the first round.

The candidates for the first round were AKEL General Secretary Antros Kyprianou, DISY MP Annita Demetriou, DIPA President Marios Karoyan, President of the Ecologists ‘Movement-Citizens’ Cooperation Charalambos Theopempou, EDEK President Marinos SizAMos Christos, EDEK President Christos President and DIKO Nicholas Papadopoulos.

In the second round, before the vote, ELAM’s Christos Christou withdrew his candidacy.

The party leaders congratulated the new Speaker of the House of Representatives on her election and vowed to work with her to carry out her difficult task.

Annita Demetriou was born in Troullos on October 18, 1985. She studied social and political sciences at the University of Cyprus. He then earned a master’s degree in international relations and European studies from the University of Kent.

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