Croatia: Footballers will not fall to their knees in EURO 2020 matches

Regarding kneeling in the EURO 2020 matches, the Croatian Football Federation issued a statement on Thursday.

Prior to the warm-up match in Brussels on Sunday, Croatia stood and watched the Belgian players take a knee, this immediately led to media reports, especially in England, where Gareth Southgate players have pledged to take a knee in every Euro 2020 match. , to show commitment in their continued stand against racism.

The news that Croatia will not kneel before their matches appeared yesterday in the English media, specifically The Daily Mail.

“The Croatian Football Federation and the Croatian national team strongly condemn any and all forms of discrimination. We also respect the right of every individual and every organization to choose the circumstances and manner in which they will take a stand against racism and / or other forms of discrimination.

The Croatian Football Federation believes that players have the right to have their say on these topics and that they also have the right to choose whether they want to get involved in any activity. The players of the Croatian national team together decided before the friendly match against Belgium that they will not get on their knees, and they respectfully remained silent during the kneeling of their Belgian colleagues. The Croatian Football Federation respects their position on this and will not impose knee-jerking as an obligation on Croatian players, as this gesture does not bear any symbolic connection to the fight against racism and discrimination in the context of Croatian culture and tradition.

In general, we believe that the most important thing is the fact that Croatian internationals have behaved with respect throughout their careers and that they have shown through their behavior that they respect all individuals, opponents and teammates, regardless of race, religion, social status, ethnicity, or any other characteristic, which is a value that is also promoted by the Croatian Football Federation, “reads the press release.

Getting a knee before a match is not required by UEFA protocols.

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