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Rama: Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia they have to solve their own problem

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama had a working breakfast today with Bulgarian President Rumen Radev in Sofia, where they discussed, among other things, resolving the stalemate between Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia.

According to Rama, during the meeting they discussed the excellent bilateral relations and the need for dialogue between the parties to resolve the critical impasse between Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia (which currently prevents the convening of the EU-Albania Intergovernmental Conference).

“Albania is not taking a stand. “We support Bulgaria and the Republic of Northern Macedonia to negotiate and resolve the issue between them,” Rama said when asked if he supported the Bulgarian position that wants guarantees for the implementation of the Agreements from Northern Macedonia.

“No one should be jealous of Albania’s position because we are between two friendly countries, but we were blocked for reasons that we are not connected,” Rama said.

“The process is structured in such a way that it must be followed as it is. We do not take sides – neither one nor the other. “We hope and support both parties to discuss and resolve the issue with each other,” he stressed.

“If necessary, we are ready to help. But our help is to say: communicate, talk, find a way. Because these problems, as we have learned from history, can become increasingly complex. The more we talk about them, the more complicated they become. If there is no direct communication, if there is no direct conversation, if there is no common will to solve problems face to face and to shake hands from both parties, but not through third parties. The EU is making great efforts, everyone is trying to support it, but in the end it is up to the Bulgarians and Northern Macedonia to deal with it. So I can not take sides, because I will complicate things even more. “I do not need to complicate things further,” Rama said./ ibna

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