Blinken: The United States is committed to ensuring the stability and security of the Western Balkans

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on the occasion of the decree of US President Joe Biden to expand the range of sanctions against individuals and organizations from the Western Balkans, that the United States is committed to ensuring stability and security in the region. which will enable countries in the region to meet their potential. and prosperous democracies. ”

The United States is committed to ensuring the stability and security of the Western Balkans, allowing countries in the region to fulfill their potential as free and prosperous democracies. We are also committed to fighting corruption and demonstrating the benefits of transparent and accountable governance. The United States knows that corruption threatens economic equality, global efforts against poverty and development, and democracy itself. Corruption everywhere directly harms the foreign policy, national security, and economic health of the United States and our partners and allies. That is why we are committed to promoting accountability and combating impunity for those involved in significant corruption in the Western Balkans and around the world.

Following this commitment, President Biden today issued an Executive Order (EO) that builds and expands previous EOs, modernizing the Western Balkans sanctions regime including references to the Prespa Agreement 2018 and the International Waste Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals . Furthermore, the new EO provides for sanctions against persons whose actions destabilize the region by undermining democratic institutions and the rule of law or by violating human rights. In order to better address the corruption networks throughout the region, Albania has been added in the field of EO

EO also authorizes the imposition of sanctions on individuals and entities responsible for corruption in the region, including misuse of public assets, expropriation of private assets for personal gain or political purposes, or bribery. All property and property interests of persons designated under this EO who are or come from within the United States or the possession or control of U.S. persons are blocked, and U.S. persons are generally prohibited from engaging in transactions with them. . In addition, individuals sanctioned under this EO are not eligible to enter the United States and are not eligible for a U.S. visa.

Our commitment to promoting democracy, transparency and accountability throughout the Western Balkans is unwavering and in line with the standards that the countries of the region must meet to ensure their goals of advancing on the European path.

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