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Northern Macedonia: Protests organized by VMRO-DPMNE over Zaev’s talks with Bulgaria

The opposition party in northern Macedonia, VMRO-DPMNE, launched warning protests in three locations in Skopje, in front of Parliament, in front of the Mavrovka shopping center and in front of the former Nova Makedonija building.

The protests are the only demand for the government to make available to the public the so-called “roadmap” for negotiations with Bulgaria. VMRO-DPMNE claims that the Zaev-Buckovski duo is negotiating with the Bulgarian interim government over parts of the declaration, which was approved by the Bulgarian parliament in 2019.

VMRO-DPMNE Deputy Chairman Vlado Misajlovski, in a protest in front of the Parliament, said that if the government is transparent as it claims, it should announce the details of the negotiations with Bulgaria.

“We are here on the road to raise the voice for the Zaev-Buckovski duo to say what they are negotiating with Bulgaria. Tell me which is the road map or whatever. “Zaef will play the role of a unique trader and negotiate with identity, language and culture,” Misajlovski said.

VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski said directly that UMS party youth leader Sergei Popov had been arrested for videotaping his mobile phone, to which police responded with violence, ordering him to stop. He objected to them arguing that he was recording videos in public and doing nothing illegal, and after refusing to carry out their order, he was taken to a police station.

Timcho Mucunski estimated that if the so-called road map includes positions that are acceptable to our citizens, if it does not include the positions of the statement of the Bulgarian parliament, then the government should probably not be afraid to say what exactly it is negotiating in this process.

“VMRO-DPMNE, with the support of citizens and political entities, demands responsibility, raising national awareness and not to allow a new national humiliation that has become a practice. We live in a country that is one of the most corrupt in the world and certainly the most corrupt in Europe. “We live in a country where people are getting poorer every month and a country that is seeing national humiliation,” he said, announcing a new protest in the coming days.

In Strumica, the VMRO-DPMNE protest was catastrophic because only 10 party members gathered.

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