Kousios: The President of the Republic will take the responsibility that belongs to him

The conclusion of the Research Committee on the extraordinary naturalization of foreign investors and entrepreneurs was submitted to the Attorney General by the Chairman of the Research Committee, Myronas Nikolatos.

According to Nikolatos, there are criminal and political responsibilities, and he calls on everyone to take their responsibilities, as in the opinion of the committee there was a massive illegality, ie the relevant law was exceeded by the relevant cabinet and lawyers. accountants, realtors, developers and institutions that did not respond.

The conclusion of the committee consists of 780 pages and is accompanied by 5000 pages of annexes and relevant applications for a total of 6,779 foreign investors. According to Myronas Nikolatos, the committee acted in a fair, just and impartial manner in respect of the principles of justice of natural persons.

The government is determined for an exemplary sentence

The Government’s decision to exemplary punish those involved in criminal or disciplinary offenses in connection with the abuse of the Cyprus Investment Program was noted today by Government Spokesman Kyriacos Kousios, stressing that the Government welcomes the decision of the General Assembly to strengthened the General Investigation Program.

Speaking to the media at the Presidential Palace, Kyriacos Kousios said that “President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiades would like to express his special satisfaction for the completion of the report of the Commission of Inquiry into Naturalizations and the submission of the final conclusion to the Attorney General.

This is a task that, as recognized by all political forces, the members of the Commission have done in an impartial and objective manner, in difficult circumstances and for which they deserve congratulations.

The first comments, without having the full text of the findings, based on the statements of the Chairman of the Research Committee Mr. Myronas Nikolatos, are that the presentation of the conclusion closes, or should be closed, a prolonged cycle of political tension and toxic climate, of which it aimed primarily at the President of the Republic and his Government.

What we would like to emphasize is that through the statements of the Chairman of the Committee, the real facts regarding the Cyprus Investment Program are restored.

From what the Chairman of the Committee Mr. Myronas Nikolatos himself stated, it seems that despite the fact that there were misinterpretations of the Law, gaps, weaknesses and insufficient framework of supervisory control, no fraud or criminal action is attributed to the relevant Councils of Ministers.

Therefore, without any purpose of conflict, what should be emphasized is that the months of derogatory accusations of the opposition, personal attacks and slander, aimed at discrediting the President, have collapsed.

The President of the Republic, after studying in detail the conclusion of the Commission, will return with a self-critical attitude, in order not to deny any responsibility, but to assume the responsibility that belongs to him.

The statement of determination and will of the President is registered with the decision:

1. For the final completion of the Program

2. Compliance with the recommendations of the Research Committee

3. Establishment of the Committee for the Revocation of Illegal Naturalizations.

Most important, however, is the Government’s determination to exemplary punish those involved in criminal or disciplinary offenses, and we therefore welcome the Advocate General’s decision to strengthen the investigative team to prosecute those involved in the abuse of a good service – which means the interest of the people “./ ibna

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