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Two members of the BiH Presidency visited Montenegro

For the second time in just a few weeks, the Bosniak and Croat members of the BiH Presidency, Šefik Džaferović and Željko Komšić, met with Montenegrin Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapić, but this time in Podgorica.

Komšić and Džaferović arrived in the Montenegrin capital on Thursday evening for dinner with President Milo Đukanovi. An official meeting with Đukanović took place on Friday, followed by a meeting with Prime Minister Krivokapi. Not surprisingly, Serbian member and Chairman of the Presidency of BiH Milorad Dodik did not come with his colleagues but there was no official explanation. It seems that the bad relations between Dodik and Đukanović were the reason for his absence. Komcic said that “Dodik was punished by himself with some statements and behavior in the past years”.

After the meeting, Krivokapić said that relations between the two countries are friendly and that they have excellent co-operation, adding that the Border Agreement, which BiH signed and ratified with Montenegro, speaks in favor of such a statement.

“The prime minister noted that a stable and secure region is a precondition for the prosperity of all countries in it, and that good neighborly relations and European integration are essential for economic and infrastructural development,” the government press release said. .

Krivokapić stressed that he was satisfied with the results achieved by the Government.

“At the moment there is no better recipe for Montenegro. It is a meritocratic government. We are trying to transform Montenegro. “The most important thing is for Montenegro to become and survive as a civil state,” Krivokapić said.

He stressed that there is a common interest in strengthening cooperation in the field of tourism, in order to create conditions for a better and more successful offer of both countries, and that this season he expects an entry of 65% of earnings achieved in the summer of 2019 season

“Our plan is to have a project of the main road Sarajevo – Cepan Polje, to Plucina, almost by the end of the current year. “Such a project would be the best proof of our good neighborliness, friendship and the intention to make life more pleasant and richer for the citizens of our countries and the region,” Krivokapić said.

BiH Presidency member Zeljko Komcic expressed satisfaction with the extremely dynamic diplomatic co-operation with the new Montenegrin administration, and stressed that the current co-operation between BiH and Montenegro is a good example for the entire region. “The existing agreement on the common border is only a confirmation of bilateral friendly relations and partnership. We want to improve that relationship. “It is in our interest to have a neighbor who is stable and to follow your example on the path of European integration,” Komcic said.

Speaking about the rrugepan Polje – Foča main road project, Komšić said it was a long-standing need and mutual desire. “That project will have our support. BiH is interested in implementing this project. “Trust us as friends and we are at your disposal for all consultations and talks,” Komcic said, wishing Montenegro a successful tourist season.

Džaferović also expressed satisfaction with the dynamic partnership and good neighborly relations between the two countries.

“We waited for the epidemiological situation to stabilize before coming to visit. We care about the good relations with Montenegro. “Sustainable Montenegro is important for us, Montenegro is on the European path, Montenegro is a member of NATO,” Džaferović said.

Džaferović stressed that co-operation needs to be improved. “There are many reasons to cooperate in the field of tourism, energy, agriculture, transport infrastructure, strengthening industrial production. “I think it has been neglected in all the countries of the former Yugoslavia,” Džaferović concluded.

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