Dačić: We do not accept imposed solutions

Serbia is constructive in the EU-mediated dialogue with Pristina and wants a compromise that will bring peace and stability in the long run, Serbian Parliament Speaker Ivica Daicaic said in Moscow today, adding that Serbia does not accept imposed and unilateral solutions.

“They tell us – give up Kosovo and Metohija and the road to the EU is open for you. This is not what partners say to each other. We want to join the Union, we work hard for it and we do not change that goal, but we do not accept the obstacles that stand in the way of this path that have never been set for anyone, such as waiting for the recognition of illegal secession by any state sovereign, ”said Dacic.

It is similar to sanctions against Russia, Dacic said, addressing members of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

He said Serbia would not impose sanctions on Russia, saying that Serbia itself had been exposed to the same pressure mechanism and was well aware of how unfair it was.

“Russia is one of Serbia’s biggest economic partners. “There is no economic sector in which we do not record a large increase, starting from energy, road and railway infrastructure, agricultural production, chemical industry and wood industry,” Dacic stressed.

The Speaker of the Serbian National Assembly said that there is still room to be active in the field of economy, especially in joint agreements for high-tech projects.

“We are moving in this direction in terms of cooperation in the field of medical sciences. Is there a better example than the fact that Serbia was the first country in Europe to produce the Sputnik V vaccine with the approval of the Gamaleja Institute, which developed this wonderful vaccine? Dacic asked himself.

He recalled that Serbia is at the top of Europe and the world in terms of the percentage of the vaccinated population, so the fight against the epidemic is expected to end soon.

The Speaker of the Serbian Parliament also said that Russia is one of the pillars of Serbia’s support in the modern world and this will not change.

Dacic noted that Serbia and Russia today are much more than traditional, historical friends and allies.

“You know that relations between the two countries began to build up in 2012, when Serbia was led by the coalition of the Serbian Progressive Party led by Aleksandar Vucic and the Socialist Party of Serbia, of which I am the leader. “Serbia and the Russian Federation have signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement since 2013, a comprehensive document that sets out the goals of our joint co-operation,” Dacic said.

According to him, today Russia is the greatest and most important defender of the supreme national interest of Serbia, which it defends on the international stage, and this is the preservation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia.

“Russia, like Serbia, strongly believes that Kosovo and Metohija are an integral part of Serbia and for decades has been one of our most important political pillars in the fight for our interests on the international stage,” Dacic added.

Ivica Dačić spoke in Russian in the local parliament and at the beginning of the speech, Russian deputies stood up to greet him. / Ibna

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