Croatia: Tomašević wins elections in Zagreb

Tomislav Tomašević (Možemo!), Won the elections for mayor of Zagreb, Ivica Puljak (Center) won in Split, Marko Filipović (Social Democratic Party) won in Rijeka and Ivan Radi that of the Croatian Democratic Union won in Osijek.

Ballots from all polling stations in Zagreb have been counted and according to official information, the Tomislav Tomaševi coalition of the left-wing coalition Mo! Emo! -Ledhe won 65.25 percent of the vote.

In the first round of local elections on May 16, Tomašević won 147,631 votes, and in Sunday’s runoff, he won 199,630 votes.

His opponent from the right-wing PD party, Miroslav Škoro, won 34.75 per cent of the vote, or 106,300 votes in the mayoral runoff.

Turnout in Zagreb was 45.07 per cent, which is two percentage points lower than in the first round, and 2 per cent of the vote was invalid.

In his first speech as mayor-elect on Sunday, Tomaćević said Zagreb residents had believed in his ability to run the city, urging them to take part in decision-making for the city’s development.

“Thank you, Zagreb! Thank you for your trust, hope, confidence that a real change is possible. Thank you for a clear mandate for a real change. Thank you for believing in me, in yourself and all of us, ”said Tomašević.

He added that he had fought all his life for the city and its interests and against harmful agreements and decisions by those who, he said, had captured the city, systematically neglecting it and using it as a machine. their money.

Tomašević recalled that his campaign for Zagreb started in 1998 when he was 16 years old and fought against the illegal dumping of hazardous waste in gravel pits by the Sava River.

“Twenty-three years later, we are here, together with the best team with which I have fought for years for a just, more solidary and more tolerant society. “They are the people with whom I have a vision for Zagreb as a greener, fairer and more transparent city,” Tomašević said.

“Our mission will not last only until the next elections; we look much further into the future because the long-term well-being of the city is most important to us. “Zagreb, you have given me your trust and I ask you to participate, together with us, in decision-making for the development of the city,” said Tomašević.

The Liberal Center mayoral candidate Ivica Puljak won Sunday’s run-off election in the second Croatian city of Split, with 56.75 per cent of the vote. In the first round, he won 17,500 votes and in the second 35,565.

His rival, Vice Mihanovic of the center-right ruling HDZ party, won 43.25 per cent of the vote, or 27,106 votes.

Turnout in Split was 43.53 per cent, which is less than in the first round when turnout was 43.97 per cent and 2.90 per cent of ballots were invalid.

Ballots from all polling stations in the port city of Rijeka were also counted, and the results show that Social Democrat Marko Filipovic won 54.48 per cent of the vote. In the first round on May 16, he won 11,970 votes, and in the second 18,902.

His rival, independent candidate Davor Shtimac, won 45.52 per cent of the vote.

Turnout in Rijeka was 34.16 per cent, 3 per cent lower than in the first round, and 3.37 per cent of ballots were invalid.

The winner in Osijek is HDZ’s Ivan Radić, with 59.68 per cent of the vote, while his rival Berislav Mlinarević, an independent candidate backed by the PD and the populist conservative party Most (Ura), won 35.52 per cent of the vote.

Radić won 15,526 runoff votes compared to 13,655 votes in the first round. Turnout in Osijek was 29.13 per cent, 10 pp less than in the first round, and 4.80 per cent of the vote was invalid.

Turnout at the national level was 37.96 per cent for the elections for mayors and mayor of Zagreb and 43.86 per cent for other mayors.

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