Bulgaria: GERB / ​​SDS MPs send letter denouncing the caretaker government

Six Bulgarian MEPs from GERB / ​​SDS have sent a letter to their colleagues from the European Parliament and the European Commission saying “the interim government is acting as President Radev’s campaign team for the upcoming presidential elections this autumn”. They further write:

“The methods they use are unfortunately the same as those used by the communist police when they suppress political opponents. (…) “Former people” (used by Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov) was the term used by the communist regime in Bulgaria to refer to opponents of the communist dictatorship – every royal officer, lawyer, teacher, clergyman, business owner, merchant and producers, diplomats, and former politicians. “Former people” were those who were sent to labor camps or to death; sometimes including some of their family members. “

They write further that Ms. Elena Ficherova, named Boyko Rashkov’s Chief of Staff, is “a person linked to Vasil Bozhkov – a gambling oligarch who is currently hiding in Dubai after 19 charges were filed against him in Bulgaria.” /ibna

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