Pendarovski: Radev is cultured and serious, but he adheres to Bulgarian demands

Italy will support Northern Macedonia and the entire Western Balkans, which has waited a long time to speed up the integration process, President Stevo Pendarovski said after meeting with Italian President Sergio Mattarella.

Regarding the dispute with Bulgaria, Pendarovski said that for the proposal coming from the Portuguese Presidency, the positive thing is that neither side rejected it, but it was taken as a set of ideas that can be discussed and further developed.

As for the meeting with Radev, he said they did not go into details, as the situation in Bulgaria is politically complicated and the president is the only one with political skills, but it would not be good for a single person to decide.

However, it is indisputable, according to Pendarovski, that Radev has a different rhetoric from previous government officials, as he addresses himself with a civilized vocabulary, conforms to basic Bulgarian demands and does not offend Northern Macedonia. “He is a more serious and stable man who does not want to get to the political points in such a way,” Pendarovski said.

“Right now I am realistic and moderately optimistic,” Pendarovski added.

He informed that in the coming days the proposals will be submitted on the basis of action plans, sectoral cooperation, which, as he said, were submitted in November and December in Brussels and Sofia. He stressed that there were no innovations in this area, including road and energy infrastructure, media co-operation, culture and education.

“It is very important for me if the vital national and state interests of Northern Macedonia are preserved,” Pendarovski said.

“The position of Sofia, which is currently being expressed only by President Radev, because there are no other functioning institutions, is that the door is not closed on the Portuguese proposal, emphasizing that this is all we know about Sofia’s position on the Portuguese proposal.” , added the President of Northern Macedonia.

“Now we are trying to start negotiations, and further they can put literally all the requirements of these statements and resolutions on the table. “However, we are talking about starting the process,” Pendarovski said.

Regarding the possible EU monitoring of compliance with the agreement, the President of Northern Macedonia stressed that there will be no new agreement with Bulgaria and that the country has no problems with monitoring.

Regarding the possibility of opening a separate chapter, which will refer to the observance of the agreement, Pendarovski said that there is no problem with separate chapters, nor with plates and any other document, but what is interesting is their content , what is written in them

“I can conclude from my meeting with Radev and from previous contacts with him, that one thing is indisputable, President Radev speaks with rhetoric completely different from his predecessors in the Bulgarian government, the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and is trying to lower the ball and try to treat it with a civilized vocabulary.He meets the basic Bulgarian requirements, he does not offend us and this shows that he is a man who is serious, consistent and does not intend to ask only political issues by offending one of his neighbors, “Pendarovski said.

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