North Macedonia

Northern Macedonia: Zaev met with the US Ambassador

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, met with Kate Byrnes, Ambassador of the United States of America in Skopje.

It was concluded that the policies of dialogue open perspective for Northern Macedonia and the whole region, and the United States, as stated, is interested in positive processes in the region.

In this regard, US support was transferred to the further progress of Northern Macedonia, after NATO and in the European integration process. They agreed that it was time for EU enlargement, something that would encourage the entire Western Balkans, along with NATO prospects, for the countries of the region to continue to grow in line with democratic values.

Zaev thanked for the strong US support, as a key strategic partner in the development and democratization of Northern Macedonia, and announced that the country will continue to provide arguments to continue supporting the United States and its international friends.

“We are focusing on the positive developments regarding the next step of European integration, as well as on the development of good neighborly relations with Bulgaria. We are pursuing reforms as well as the fight against crime and corruption. The government is determined to uphold the independence of the judiciary and the equality of all before the law. “As the pandemic improves, we expect an intensification of the pace of our grand investment plan, which aims to improve the living standards of citizens economically and in line with European values,” Zaev said.

The meeting welcomed the government’s commitment to successfully fighting crime and corruption. It was also jointly assessed that it is important for all political entities to contribute to the Parliament, on issues that are beneficial to the citizens.

“Consensus building and political dialogue are healthy for any democratic society, both as a NATO member country and as a country aiming to join the EU, we are determined to commit to this way of working,” said the Prime Minister. of Northern Macedonia.

The meeting also discussed the possibilities of promoting cooperation between the United States and the Republic of Northern Macedonia, in the field of health, energy, economy, as well as preparations for the upcoming local elections in our country.

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