The Slovenian Army has completed its mission in Afghanistan

On the morning of Thursday, May 20th, members of the 13th Slovenian contingent, who were engaged in the Deployed Support mission, landed in Rome. Following the decision of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and following the previous joint decision of the Alliance, the Republic of Slovenia terminates its activities in this mission in Afghanistan.

Since the beginning of 2015, deployed Alliance members are training, advising and assisting Afghan security forces and institutions on a crucial support mission in Afghanistan. The Slovenian Armed Forces participated in the crucial support of the NATO Advisory Mission based on the government’s decision, which stated, among other things, that “stabilization and support for Afghanistan in taking responsibility for governing, leading and developing the country remains between international politics and security tasks. ”

Earlier, at the request of the UN and the Afghan government, NATO took command of Operation ISAF in August 2003, the first NATO operation outside its territory. This coincided with the transformation of the 21st Century Threat Management Alliance. The first members of the Slovenian Armed Forces took over the ISAF operation in March 2004, under a decision of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia.

The previous ISAF operation was part of the international community’s comprehensive approach to the situation in Afghanistan and efforts to establish lasting peace and stability in the country. The last, 21st Slovenian Army contingent in ISAF forces returned home on December 25, 2014.

Most members of the Slovenian Armed Forces contributed to peace in Afghanistan in 2011 (a total of 179 in two shifts) and to date, a total of almost 1,400 members of the Serbian Army have been deployed in both operations.

In more than 17 years of member activity in Afghanistan, the Slovenian Army is recording the following extraordinary events:

– In July 2005, a Hammer military vehicle carrying four Slovenian members of the ISAF mission in Afghanistan hit a mine near Kabul during a patrol. The soldiers did not suffer any serious injuries, one later had hearing problems, and the vehicle was severely damaged by the blast.

– In May 2011, a civilian expert, a member of the Slovenian contingent in Afghanistan, was slightly injured in a bomb attack on the headquarters of the Provincial Reconstruction Group in Herat. She suffered a superficial wound from the blast and the fact that she was behind closed doors in the office saved her from severe injuries. A large part of the building was destroyed during the attack.

– In November 2013, Slovenian members of the ISAF mission took part in the shooting of Taliban insurgents. When the incident occurred, six of them were on patrol to escort the Afghan unit they were training. None of the Slovenian soldiers were injured.

– In January 2014, a Slovenian soldier was wounded in the leg while performing his duties. Under the mentorship of members of the Afghan forces, there was a shooting with opponents. He was treated in a hospital.

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