Diaconescu: Putin’s statements on Romania-Russia relations, half-open

The Russian Federation has four issues it does not want to discuss bilaterally with Romania, preferring to send only direct critical messages or “over Romania’s head” to some other partners, says former Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu.

One of the “taboo” topics is the Black Sea, and it is interesting that President Vladimir Putin included it in his message on the occasion of the presentation of credentials by the new Romanian ambassador to Moscow, Cristian Istrate, the Romanian diplomat added.

Putin’s statement that Moscow is open to dialogue with Romania on developing “mutually beneficial relations” and that it has good prospects for co-operation in the Black Sea region is a statement welcomed by a highly experienced Romanian ambassador. It is an extraordinary half-opening of the door by President Putin. This was commented by Digi24 on former Romanian Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu, who apparently accepted the Russian Foreign Minister’s assessments regarding the speeches after receiving his credentials.

Diaconescu estimates that there is a message of availability, which shows that at some point, perhaps, some steps that Romanian diplomacy would like to take towards the Russian Federation, could be accepted at the highest level, with a specific type availability.

Moreover, the Romanian diplomat expresses his personal assessment that this is a kind of indicator of the ability of Ambassador Cristi Istrate to mediate from his position as ambassador for a start of dialogue.

“It is no coincidence that Vladimir Putin also spoke about the Black Sea region, because the main issue is setting an agenda between Moscow and Bucharest,” Diaconescu said. The fact that the Russian Federation mentions the Black Sea [is important] – has so far refused any discussion with Romania on this issue. They do not want to put on the agenda: the Black Sea, the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and the missile shield, Diaconescu said.

I hope, he added, that the issue of mutual clarifications on the intentions of each of us in the Black Sea basin can be raised. “Because there are a lot of uncertainty issues, which stem from stability issues that need to be addressed,” said Cristian Diaconescu.

Asked if this is the right time or occasion, the former foreign minister advised caution. “I think it is too early to draw a conclusion, to see how things are going. “I fully trust Cristi Istrate, as long as he has diplomatic opportunities, he will use them,” Diaconescu concluded.ibna

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