Slovenia: Muslim Community Protests Against Israeli Flag at Government Building

Slovenia’s Muslim community views the Israeli flag in the Slovenian government building as an “abuse of power” and support for “Israel’s genocidal policy”.

The leaders of Slovenia’s Muslim Community, one of the two organizations representing Muslims in the country, have sent an open letter to Prime Minister Janez Janša saying “the government has raised the flag of an occupying power in the name of its ideology, not in our name. They added that support for Israel is even more troubling at a time when “the Israeli authorities are pursuing a policy of genocide and apartheid.”

The Muslim community believes that “Hamas has only one possible desire to destroy Israel”, while on the other hand the state of Israel “is actually destroying the people and society of Palestine”.

In the letter, Muslim leaders reminded Jancha that the initial moment of recent events in the Middle East was when Israeli forces attacked the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third most important in the Muslim world, at the end of the holy month of Ramadan, what it represents an “unprecedented violation of fundamental human rights” in recent history.

They asked the prime minister “how he would feel if the police entered a cathedral where he and his family were peacefully attending a Christian religious ceremony”.

“Do you really have such an insensitive attitude towards the victims and do not care how 50,000 Muslims in Slovenia feel?” added the letter signed by Muhamed keerkez, president of the committee of the Muslim Community of Slovenia.

The organization is the smallest of the two Islamic religious organizations in Slovenia. It was established in 2006 following a split in the Islamic Community in the Republic of Slovenia.

“Our community believes that international conflicts must be resolved peacefully and not violently. Both Jews and Palestinians have a right to exist. “But above all, the truth must have the right to exist,” the letter concluded.

Prime Minister Janša responded on Twitter by saying that the Muslim community was making “a big mistake by supporting terrorists”.

He said Israel had been attacked by neighboring countries when it declared independence in 1948 and three more times thereafter. “Even this year #Hamas attacked for the first time, bombing civilian targets in [Israel] while hiding behind its own civilians. ”

The Israeli flag was hoisted at the government building in Ljubljana last Friday as a sign of solidarity with Israel. The move came amid the worst conflict in the Middle East in seven years.

The Palestinian Ambassador to Slovenia, Salahem Abdel Shafi, condemned the display of the Israeli flag. He told the daily Dnevnik that it was a savage and very disturbing act and a display of one-sided, even racist politics.

Meanwhile, Israeli Ambassador Eyal Sela said that Israel has a duty to protect its citizens from terrorist attacks as much as any other country.

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