Montenegro: DPS will not participate in the work of Parliament

Deputies from the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) will not attend the plenary sessions of the Montenegrin Parliament, the working bodies and the work of the Committee on Electoral Legislation Reform. The head of the DP parliamentary group in Parliament, Danijel Zivkovic, said the decision was a reaction to the arrogant and ruthless behavior of the ruling majority.

Zivkovic explained that the DPS decided to boycott because of “the arrogant and ruthless behavior of the ruling majority, not only during the current session, but throughout the previous months”.

“Behaving in this way in recent months, the ruling majority has shown a flagrant example of how and in what way to overthrow the Constitution in a short time, to overthrow what is the institutional substance of Montenegro and to take the country off the European path. “Zivkovic said at a press conference.

He noted that representatives of the ruling majority were self-deceived if they thought the opposition would be a decoration in the Assembly, to give legitimacy to Montenegro’s declining constitutional capacity and European path.

“We will continue to come to the Assembly and perform some of our work duties, but we will not participate in the work of the plenary session or the work of the working bodies in the coming days,” Zivkovic said.

He recalled that the opposition said they were willing to open a dialogue regarding the election of key people in the judiciary, but that the offer was rejected.

Zivkovic said the ruling majority is acting contrary to the basic principles of the European Union (EU) to reach quality solutions through dialogue and consensus, which are very important for the rule of law.

According to him, the arrogant and ruthless behavior of the ruling majority will not go unnoticed and there will be an appropriate political response.

“We will not take part in it, to see the institutions fall. There is no fear among DPS officials; “Our work has been monitored by all state bodies,” said Zivkovic.

He said the DPS political response would be very clear and accurate.

“We have a strategy for any attempt by the ruling majority to overthrow the Montenegrin Constitution,” Živkovi tha said.

He said the DPS decided to boycott not only because of the law on the prosecution, but that it was “a point that overflowed the glass”.

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