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BiH and Serbia laid the foundation stone for HPP Buk Bijela

The prime ministers of Republika Srpska, Radovan Višković, and Serbia, Ana Brnabić, laid the foundation stone for the construction of the Buk Bijela Hydropower Plant (HEC) on the Drina River, near Foča.

This act formalized the beginning of the construction of a very profitable electricity factory, which is expected for more than half a century.

HPP “Buk Bijela”, as planned, will be the first of the three hydropower plants of the Hydropower System “Gornja Drina”.

The construction of HPP “Buk Bijela” will be co-financed by the electricity companies of Serbia and Srpska, for about 220m euros, as previously announced by Srpska Energy Minister Petar Đokić.

The construction of three hydropower plants is planned in the initial thirty kilometers of the Drina, in the area of ​​the municipality of Foca.

After the construction of the HPP “Buk Bijela”, which should last for five years, the hydropower plants “Foca” and “Paunci” will be built downstream.

The realization of this important strategic infrastructure project of HPP “Buk Bijela” with a concrete dam 57 meters high, which has the largest installed capacity of 93.52 megawatts and the expected annual production of 332 gigawatt hours, has waited for 50 full years

However, not everyone is enthusiastic about the idea of ​​building a dam on this site. BiH Foreign Minister Bisera Turkovic said Serbia could have “legal problems” because of the project.

“The authorities of the Republic of Serbia should know that by entering the construction project of HPP Buk Bijela, which does not have the approval of the State of BiH and which is contrary to the decisions of the Constitutional Court of BiH, they are endangering not only economic damage but also the damage of good neighborly relations. “BiH is ready to accept all joint investments and projects that are in the interest of the citizens of both countries, but only with respect for the BiH Constitution, law and institutions,” Turkovic said.

She called on the Serbian authorities to return co-operation to the international framework and the framework of their stated position of respect for

“The authorities of the Republika Srpska (RS) unit of Bosnia have refused to implement the decisions of the Constitutional Court of BiH for a long time and they are continuing to dispose of state property, ie the potentials of the Drina River. “I want to believe that Serbia does not support such illegal activities and that it will not invest its taxpayers’ money in projects that violate the laws and decisions of the Bosnian Constitutional Court,” Turkovic concluded.

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