Greece: Yiannis Lagos, Golden Dawn MEP arrested in Brussels

MEP Yiannis Lagos, a former member of the far-right Golden Dawn, was arrested in Brussels on Tuesday following the European Parliament’s decision to lift his immunity from prosecution as an MEP after a European arrest warrant was issued immediately against him.

According to the Greek Ministry of Civil Defense, Lagos was arrested by Belgian police in the context of cooperating with Greek authorities in executing the specific arrest warrant. Procedures for his extradition from Belgium to Greece are under way.

Yiannis Lagos has been in Brussels as an MEP while the rest of the party hierarchy is in jail, except for its former second-in-command Christos Pappas, who is a fugitive.

In October 2020, the court announced the sentencing of Golden Dawn members. Yesterday, six months later, the European Parliament voted to lift Lagos immunity, doing so by a vote of 658-25 with 10 MEPs refusing to take a stand.

Yiannis Lagos was sentenced to 13 years and 8 months in prison, without suspension, for a series of violent hate crimes and assaults.

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