Croatia: Medical workers warn of vaccination problems

The Croatian Medical Chamber (HLK) called on health administration professionals to urgently address problems in the vaccination process, stressing that it was a prerequisite for vaccinating the majority of the adult population as soon as possible.

“If we do not reach a high vaccination rate by summer, we will not be able to stop the pandemic and we cannot expect a more substantial income from tourism or the start of other economic activities that have been stopped. “The vaccination process has so far been hampered by many problems and has not been fast enough,” HLK said in a statement.

According to the analysis of HLK, family doctors and doctors employed in public health institutes have borne the burden of the vaccination process, with family doctors who have had the main role in contacting patients, scheduling appointments, vaccinating them in their offices and participation in vaccination in places for mass inoculation, as well as the one in charge of their regular work, they treat COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms, refer them to be tested or diagnose the disease themselves with the help of rapid antigen tests.

The chamber said the national vaccination information platform apparently did not work properly as most counties still do not use it due to its shortcomings.

HLK suggests that health administration professionals urgently need to establish a functioning national vaccination platform, and that mass vaccination should be organized in all counties, with a larger number of vaccination points, and that call centers should be established. in all counties.

In addition to family physicians and epidemiologists, other physicians and health workers should also be involved in the vaccination process and adequately equipped mobile teams should be formed in all counties to vaccinate bedridden people and patients who have problems. with movement, says HLK.

The reaction of the medical staff came after it became clear that the national platform, supposed to facilitate registration for the vaccination process, is invalid. Most counties abandoned the platform and started with alternative ways of registering and making direct calls to a certain population.

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