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BiH: The saga of “peaceful dissolution of the state” continues

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in BiH announced that its representative disagreed with the joint statement of the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council in which the idea of ​​”peaceful dissolution of BiH” was strongly condemned because it is “tendent to blame only one party “.

In a press release issued after the PIC SB session, the Embassy stated that they consider it biased to accuse only one party in circumstances where the situation has escalated due to insulting and provocative statements by the other party.

“In the conditions of a stormy discussion caused by an external factor, inadequate steps were taken by all parties. We believe that it is biased to accuse only one party, especially as the situation escalated, inter alia, in the context of the other party’s insulting statements. This is not the most important thing, “said the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

The Embassy added that the PIC Governing Board must strictly adhere to the wording of the Dayton Peace Accords.

“Many times, we have noticed attempts to deliberately distort the text of the Agreement. A definition of “BiH comprises two entities” is a clear example of this, although point 1 of Article 1 of the Constitution clearly states that “BiH consists of two entities”. This is not just a semantic change, “said the Russian Embassy.

The principled position of the Russian Embassy is that BiH sets its own foreign policy priorities.

“The scope of competence of the PIC Steering Board is exclusively a matter for the General Framework Agreement for Peace. Therefore, the topic of Euro-Atlantic integration should not be reflected in the statements of the PIC Board of Directors. “This is the work of other international structures in BiH,” the statement said.

The Russian Federation emphasizes that it stands for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of BiH and at the same time believes that it is the constituent peoples of BiH, the citizens of the state, who must decide their own destiny without external influence.

“This can be achieved through an open dialogue based on mutual respect,” the Russian Embassy said in a statement on the occasion of the statement by the PIK Steering Board.

The President of the BiH Presidency and the biggest lawyer of the “peaceful dissolution of BiH” Milorad Dodik said that the positions of the PIC SB “continue to serve and favor the policies of the Bosnian political representatives, from whom we heard yesterday that we are not just residents of the Entity of BiH, but that we are genocide ”.

Dodik said Republika Srpska reserves the right to discuss the future of BiH, but not with members of the PIC SB but with the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the other two nations, which are constitutive under the BiH Constitution.

“It is the Constitution of BiH that guarantees that, because as RS we are signatories to the Dayton Peace Agreement and signatory to Annex 4 of that agreement, which is the Constitution of BiH, but also all other annexes, including Annex 10,” Pohon Dodik.

He stated that “PIC SB constantly uses untruths, trying to preserve the illusion of BiH, ignoring the facts.”

“One of these facts is that entities existed before Dayton, as evidenced by the Geneva and New York principles, which preceded the Dayton Peace Conference, and are part of the preamble to the Dayton Accords. This means that the entities existed and were accepted even before the creation of today’s BiH. “From everything, there is a logical and legally based conclusion – if something existed before Dayton BiH, it could exist after it,” Dodik said.

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