Albania: PS 48.61%, PD 39.39%, LSI 6.91% and PSD 2.25%

The data reported by the CEC and processed by Euronews Albania confirm that until 08:00 (local time) this morning, the Socialist Party continues to maintain an overwhelming electoral result at a national level.

While 4759 ballot boxes have been counted so far, out of 5199 in total (91.53%), the Socialist Party is in the lead with 48.61% of the vote.

On the other hand, the Democratic Party has secured 39.39% of the vote.

The electoral configuration for the SMI is very low compared to the 2017 election year.

Based on data published by the Central Election Commission (CEC), this political entity has been able to get only 6.91% of the vote at a national level, while 2.25% went to the PSD, led by Tom Doshi.

Distribution of mandates at the national level, until 08:20 am:

Socialist Party – 72 seats

Democratic Party – 59 seats

Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) – 6 seats.

Social Democratic Party (PSD) – 3 seats.

Rama: “If you work hard, you are rewarded. There is no shortcut in life “

When 90.1% of the votes are counted and the Socialist Party is in the lead, Prime Minister Edi Rama reacted through a Facebook post.

He wished the Albanians a good morning with a quote from the basketball player, Michael Jordan, writing: “If you work hard, you will be rewarded. “There is no shortcut in life.”

At present 90.1% of the ballot boxes are counted at a national level, leading the Socialist Party towards its third term./ ibna

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