Montenegrin Stock Exchange and Sarajevo Stock Exchange sign agreement on expanding co-operation

Representatives of the Montenegrin Stock Exchange and the Sarajevo Stock Exchange today signed an agreement on business and technical co-operation, aimed at developing and modernizing the platforms and electronic services of Montenegrin capital market market organizers.

The signed agreement is, as announced at the joint online press conference, a continuation of the successful cooperation between the two stock exchanges from the previous period.

It was announced at the conference that the Sarajevo Stock Exchange will provide services for the maintenance and development of the electronic trading system and will continue the development cycle through new projects and the modernization of electronic platforms and services.

The Director of the Montenegrin Stock Exchange, Milena Vučini V, said that the purpose of the cooperation was to create synergies, so that they would be ready for the time to come, ie for the new working models, which imposed changes in the financial sector at a global and local level.

“Cooperation primarily refers to the development of the IT sector and ranking and evaluation. In this way, the Montenegrin Stock Exchange will move towards meeting the standards of regional stock exchanges. We will get a modern system and services that will enable intermediaries to work in a comfortable way, and investors can easily access and have information, as well as not have to be connected to offices and PCs “But we provide them with a comfortable way or any kind of modernization,” Vucinic explained.

The Montenegrin Stock Exchange, as she said, is taking the first but important and small steps and will apply the knowledge and experience that Sarajevo has today in order to quickly overcome a stalemate that was in the ten years of previous.

The director of the Sarajevo Stock Exchange, Tarik Kurbegovic, said that the initiative for that kind of co-operation started at the end of last year, and in the previous period, preparations were made for the co-operation to start at full capacity.

“The purpose of this co-operation is to improve the performance of the stock market and the capital market in every possible plan, and to make both markets more attractive to all investors,” Kurbegovibe said.

He announced that he will try to expand this cooperation to other joint projects, exchange of knowledge and experiences, harmonization of scholarship processes and regulations, new platforms and scholarship services, and thus facilitate the functioning of all market students. of capital.

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