Cyprus: The Geneva talks are critical, says Anastasiades

Finding a common language to continue the dialogue on the Cyprus issue is the main goal of the new United Nations effort in Geneva. Speaking exclusively to “Phileleftheros”, President Anastasiades, shortly before the trip to Geneva, says that what interests him is to find this common language to continue a creative dialogue that will lead to the solution of the Cyprus problem.

Nicos Anastasiades also declares for “Phileleftheros” that in Geneva he will search creatively and without deviating from the basic and known parameters to keep the train on the rails of the bizonal municipal business.

“After the failure of Crans Montana in 2017, the Cyprus issue is at a critical date” because finally, through this session, we can succeed in reactivating the problem-solving process, “notes President Anastasiades.

He acknowledges, however, that Turkish public statements “do not allow us to hold high expectations”. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture. He stressed that “in Geneva the intentions of each of the participants will be tested before the UN SG.”

Finally, referring to the EU, he said the EU would attend the informal conference but “not with the regime that the EU claimed”.

The informal 5 + 1 meeting starts on Tuesday 27 April and ends on the 29th of the month. It will be an intensive three-day consultation and meeting, with the UN Secretary General holding bilateral and trilateral meetings.

The informal 5 + 1 meeting begins on Tuesday afternoon with separate meetings of the UN Secretary General with the leaders of the two communities. On Wednesday, April 28, it will be the decision with the Secretary General to start the meeting of the five parties and will follow the meetings with the guarantors, as well as with the two leaders. In the evening of the same day there will be a plenary session and then a working dinner. /ibna

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