Bulgaria: Shah Stefanova GM nominates ITN for Prime Minister. Trifonov is a coward, says Borissov

“We nominate Antoaneta Stefanova for Prime Minister,” Slavi Trifonov wrote on Facebook.

“Our appointment as Prime Minister goes to the world chess champion Antoaneta Stefanova. “She has an education in economics and speaks five languages,” said the leader of the second largest party represented in parliament.

“Of course, Antoaneta Stefanova will return the mandate immediately because ‘There Is Such a People’ (ITN) does not have the right number of MPs or partners to form a stable government. The support provided comes from political entities that are harmful, greedy and proven to be compromised. “What they offer is not support, but dependence,” says Trifonov.

Slavi Trifonov’s words provoked an immediate reaction from his main political opponent. GERB described the move as “avoiding responsibility” and “political cowardice”, while party leader Boyko Borisov said: “Anyone with 165 deputies who have declared their support, who says they are not enough, needs 240 “He is a coward.”/ ibna

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