Slovenia: Tourist number drops amid drainage measures to stem pandemic

A year after the Slovenian government introduced measures against the coronavirus, the tourism industry is still trying to find its footing in these new conditions. New data for March 2021 collected by the Slovenian Statistics Agency show that the situation in this sector is anything but good.

The Agency announced that in March 2021 the Government Ordinance on the Temporary Suspension of the Sale of Goods and Services to Consumers in Slovenia was still in force and the tourist accommodation institutions operated only under the conditions set out in the Order.

Almost 24,500 tourist arrivals were recorded (69% year decrease) and nearly 103,800 overnight stays (58% year decrease.) Domestic tourists generated 11,700 arrivals (67% lower than last March) and 52,500 500 overnight stays ( 54% lower than last March)), while foreign tourists generated 12,700 arrivals (71% diving per year) and nearly 51,300 overnight stays (61% diving per year).

Most overnight stays of foreign tourists in March 2021 were recorded by tourists from Croatia (just over 5,300 or 10% of all foreign overnight stays). They were followed by tourists from Italy (almost 5,200 or 10%), Serbia (7%), Germany (7%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (6%) and Austria (6%).

Most overnight stays in March 2021 were recorded in health resorts (spas) (almost 31,000 or 30% of all overnight stays), followed by mountain resorts (24% of all overnight stays) in Ljubljana municipality capital (14%) and in urban municipalities (12%).

The only municipalities with more than 10,000 overnight tourist stays in March 2021 were Ljubljana (15,000 overnight stays) and Kranjska Gora (11,300 overnight stays).

Most overnight stays in March 2021 were generated in hotels (65,800 or 63% of all overnight stays), followed by private accommodation – rooms for rent, apartments (19,400 or 19% of all overnight stays).

The number of tourist overnight stays in the first three months in 2021 marks a decrease of 86% compared to the same period in 2020.

In the first three months of 2021, tourist accommodation institutions recorded 55,000 tourist arrivals (92% less than in the same period in 2020) and 255,000 overnight stays (86% less than in the same period in 2020).

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