Serbia: Government ratifies Draft Law on Gender Equality

At Thursday’s session, the Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted a draft law on gender equality, which improves the institutional framework and creates the conditions for the implementation of the policy of equal opportunities for women and men.

The new legal solution defines the obligations of public authorities, employers and other natural and legal persons in relation to gender equality. Measures are also envisaged to crack down on gender discrimination and to achieve and promote gender equality, representing one of the key international standards for ensuring human rights, the Serbian government announced.

The forthcoming law will regulate gender equality in the areas of work, employment and self-employment, social security and health protection, education, sports, political activity and public affairs, childbirth and sexual rights, access to goods and services, and measures to combat and prevent all forms of gender-based violence, violence against women and domestic violence.

The session also approved the bill amending the anti-discrimination law, which helps prevent discrimination based on personal characteristics.

Labor discrimination will be punished more severely, pushing employers to pay more attention to the treatment of their employees, as well as compliance with anti-discrimination rules provided by labor and employment laws, the statement continued.

Law enforcement will be based on the equal integration of women, people with disabilities, members of minorities, the elderly and other vulnerable populations in modern social currents, with the above expected to make a positive impact on the economic system and state population policy.

Members of the government approved the 2021-2025 strategy for preventing and combating gender-based violence against women and domestic violence as one of the priorities in the work of the Serbian government.

The main goal of the strategy is to provide effective prevention and protection from all forms of violence against women and girls and from domestic violence, as well as to develop a system of support services for victims of violence.

Ways are also provided to achieve these goals: development of prevention programs in all systems (education, health, social protection, etc.); approval of standards for service programs for perpetrators of violence against women and domestic violence; introduction and improvement of general and specialized support services. (SOS helplines, shelters, free legal aid, etc.) For women victims of violence throughout Serbia.

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