Romania: Iohannis meets with Foreign Ministers of Poland and Turkey

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis received yesterday in Cotroceni the Foreign Ministers of Poland and Turkey, on the sidelines of their participation in the work of the Romania-Poland-Turkey Tripartite Security Meeting organized by Romania on April 22-23. Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu also attended the talks.

According to the Presidential Administration, the Romanian President and Foreign Ministers discussed the security situation in the Eastern Quarter of the North Atlantic Alliance, the regional security agenda and preparations for the NATO Summit.

Klaus Iohannis stressed the important role of this tripartite dialogue initiated by Romania in 2012, in supporting NATO’s efforts to consolidate security on NATO’s eastern flank from the Baltic to the Black Sea, as the three countries share a number of common security interests, declaration notes.

The Romanian president expressed Romania ‘s concern over the situation created by the “unusual deployment of military forces in illegally occupied Crimea and Ukraine’ s eastern border”. The Foreign Ministers of Poland and Turkey, Zbigniew Rau and Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, respectively, shared the same concerns and analyzed the conditions and possibilities for mitigating the situation.

Klaus Iohannis also spoke about the importance of strengthening defense on NATO’s eastern flank, increasing NATO resistance, and supporting neighborhood partners. He advocated the continuation and diversification of political consultations on a larger scale, in addition to cooperation in this tripartite format which has proven its usefulness over time. The President of Romania encouraged the promotion of new projects in the context of tripartite co-operation in areas of common interest, such as sustainability – also through lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, on the basis of an essential agenda that will contribute to the consolidation of the Alliance. of the North Atlantic.

Furthermore, Klaus Iohannis encouraged the deepening of tripartite cooperation in the defense sector. A real interaction of the three allies in this format would be, he said, a means of coordination and joint action, with the ability to strengthen regional security and protect the Alliance as a whole.

The Romanian President welcomed the presence of the Foreign Ministers of Ukraine and Georgia at the special tripartite working meeting in Bucharest, arguing that this initiative strongly reaffirms the firm support of Romania, Poland and Turkey for their Eastern NATO partners.

He also stressed the need to continue NATO defense and defense measures and thanked Poland and Turkey for their contribution to the advanced NATO presence in the south of the eastern flank, which is extremely important in ensuring security in the region. of the Black Sea, an integral part of Euro-Atlantic Security.

The President of Romania expressed the hope that Romania, Poland and Turkey will continue the close cooperation in view of the NATO Summit, which will be extremely important for the future strategic vision of the Alliance.

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