Romania: Ruling Coalition Reaches Agreement, Mihăilă Announces Minister of Health

After two rounds of consultations and conditions set in the coalition, PNL, USR-PLUS and UDMR reached an agreement yesterday. The leaders of the three formations signed an additional act on the coalition protocol and announced today the new Minister of Health; Ioana Mihăilă.

The document stipulates that key political decisions must be taken with the consent of the political formations participating in the coalition and that political responsibility is shared, with the participation of all members of the coalition and the Prime Minister. The constitutional right of the Prime Minister to remove a minister is exercised after informing the formation that has proposed the said minister, on the basis of arguments that will include an objective assessment to be made by the Prime Minister and after a discussion within the coalition, the text notes.

The protocol sets out the basic principles of the coalition, the coalition and government agenda, the parliamentary agenda and the priorities at the coalition level. These are COVID-19 vaccination, transparency, health care reforms, reform of the special pension system by the end of the year, adoption of laws on justice reforms by the end of 2021, respecting the principles and agreements ratified by Romania and the recommendations of the MCV, GRECO and the Venice Commission, the functioning of the Electoral Code Commission, the timetable for the adoption of the political position and its decentralized implementation and the establishment of a permanent working group for the effective functioning of the State.

Undersecretary Ioana Mihăilă was officially appointed by USR PLUS to the post of Minister of Health.

In her statements, Ioana Mihăilă stressed that her priority will be to resolve the health crisis with targeted measures to support hospitals.
“I’m a doctor,” she said, “and I know closely the situation in hospitals and what my colleagues have been facing for a year now. (…) I stand firm in my commitments as deputy minister of “She also added that she would place special emphasis on the depoliticization of the health system during her term.

According to USR PLUS, Ioana Mihăilă, born in 1980, is an endocrinologist, a successful entrepreneur in the medical field in the district of Bihor, where she started from scratch with a small practice which in a few years became a specialized clinic with dozens of employees and providing high quality medical services. For a while, a few years ago, she coordinated ‘medical caravans’ offering free medical services in villages in Bihor County. reports, citing its own sources, that Prime Minister Florin Citu conveyed to USR-PLUS executives that Ioana Mihăilă has his support on one condition: that Vlad Voiculescu has no position in the ministry, not even an honorary adviser. USR-PLUS leaders assured him that his wish would be respected.

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